Mission Statement Adopted

MISSION STATEMENT Generational Sins, LLC is a film production company established for the purpose of bringing compelling stories about the human condition to a film-going audience in a way that accurately reflects the mind and spirit of Jesus Christ, and speaks truth to the present generation in a fresh and powerful way. What makes us unique among other Christian filmmakers is our commitment to portraying characters, both Christian and non-Christian, in all of their flawed humanity and brokenness. We accomplish this with realistic, real-world scenarios and (sometimes painfully) relatable characters. Hollywood has been the virtuoso of pathos for generations. Great masters of dramatic cinema have produced some of the world's most poignant and existential films about the human experience. Invariably, these Hollywood films have offered no solution to the epidemic of hopelessness, aside from the false narrative that man can find redemption and salvation only within - a result of personal choices made by the individual. The tragedy is that this singular view exists in absence of objective truths. At Generational Sins, LLC, our films will offer mankind a timeless hope - the hope of redemption from death and despair, made available by the truth of Christ’s identity, death, and resurrection. While we are in the “entertainment” business, our purpose and goal transcends the production of Christian entertainment for Christian people. That is not our calling. On the contrary, our desire is to make hard-hitting, thought-provoking, secular films filled with realistic characters - deeply flawed people who, through struggle, triumph and tragedy, speak boldly of their faith, in love, without being judgmental or preachy. If you share this vision with us, we invite you to join our cause, support our efforts, like our Facebook page and share the latest news about our current feature length film project, "Generational Sins" with your family and friends.

Thank you, Thurman Mason, Executive Producer

Spencer T. Folmar, Director

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