TBF Update: *Final Week* Hard-Faith™ Films, Hollywood Reporter + Dove Foundation Support

We are officially in the final stretch, one week from the nationwide release of ‘Generational Sins’ (2017)! This means you only have severals days left to secure your tickets for the World Premiere Event at the Historic Rowland Theatre in Pennsylvania! Don’t forget to visit our event page and purchase those tickets to this once-in-a-lifetime event! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/generational-sins-world-premiere-tickets-36528436537?aff=efbeventtix

Over the past week, director, Spencer T. Folmar and executive producer, Thurman Mason have continued their press tour, visiting universities and small communities many states across. Throughout their travels and from event to event, we have received enthusiastic and positive feedback from students, professors, small town communities and supporters new and old! We could not be more thankful for the support offered by these grassroots communities, hardworking students, teachers, fans, and friends. Thank you! One more week to go!

This week has also seen the finalized securing of our screens hosting ‘Generational Sins’ on the week of October 6th. We are pleased to be working with many AMC theaters as well as independent theaters across the nation. For more information, and to find a screening near you, please check out our Generational Sins Screening page:


While we’ve been on the road, the stir has also continued on the homefront in Hollywood, CA. We were privileged to once again be featured in the Hollywood Reporter with an article on the topic of Hard Faith™ in film (life and art)! We couldn’t be more excited about the conversations to come, regarding innumerable difficult questions and challenges this life throws at us, and how faith can help, comfort and guide us as we struggle navigate that minefield! Truly, cannot wait!

And on that note, we are beyond honored and excited to announce that, in support of ‘Generational Sins’ (2017) and the Hard-Faith™ vision of Third Brother Films, The Dove Foundation has created a brand new seal of approval: “18+ with strong Christian message.” We cannot thank our friends at The Dove Foundation enough for this show of practical support of our vision for reaching a broken and hurting world. Please understand, that the decision to support our film has not come without a price for The Dove Foundation - since announcing the new label, they have received a virtual hail storm of online anger and disapproval. We invite our friends, family, friends and fellow supporters of a Hard-Faith™ vision to visit their website / social media pages and to please show them some love for this bold and controversial move! https://www.facebook.com/DoveFoundation/

And as always, we thank you, our supporters, for your endless encouragement, enthusiasm, and trust. We wouldn’t be here without you and simply cannot wait to share with you the dreams we’ve been dreaming for ‘Generational Sins’ and a whole grand slate of Hard-Faith™ films to come!

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